We're one of the oldest arts in health organisations in the UK. We were founded by Sheridan Russell in 1959.

We were founded in 1959 by Sheridan Russell, Almoner at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. Sheridan had been exhibiting works by contemporary artists in waiting rooms, corridors and wards and began to understand the positive contribution that art could have on people’s health and wellbeing.

With the help of the Nuffield Foundation, Sheridan set out to create a unique art collection: one containing artworks chosen specifically to comfort and support patients and carers alike.

Through the following decades, with the aid of Sir Dennis Proctor, former Chairman of Tate; Roger de Grey, former President of the Royal Academy of Arts and many other patrons, trustees and supporters, our art collection and our charity’s impact grew.

Sheridan was passionate that everyone should experience the therapeutic benefits of art and in the 1980s we began to develop a regional network enabling care sites outside of London to access our collection.

Today we work across England, Wales and Northern Ireland and care for a diverse collection of over 4,100 artworks. As well as four distinct artwork loan schemes, we now bring engagement activities, art projects and creative workshops to patients, service users and carers.

We hope Sheridan would be proud.